Beginner Class

Cat and Dog laying down next to one another

Welcome to Beginner Class at Ruff Day Resort.

Limit 6 dogs/puppies and their humans.

Puppies ages 10 weeks to 2 years.

5 Sessions.


Puppy Beginner Class is open to Puppies 10 weeks to 2 years old. Tuesday nights from 6:45 pm till 7:45 pm. Held at 1085 Gravel Road, Webster, $199 per dog. Please do NOT enter the building before 6:40pm.

This series of classes start with making sure your puppy knows their name and helping you to teach them their name, if needed. It will introduce you to how to make crate training fun as well as the best feeding and exercise practices for growing dogs.

To help your puppy grow into calm and confident dogs, we will also guide you through how to introduce your dogs to new places, environments, and people.

Learning is a lifelong process so we will show you how to capture and build on desired behaviors, gently interrupt unwanted behaviors, and redirect normal puppy behaviors into less destructive or damaging ones. (Yes, Iā€™m talking about teething.šŸ˜Æ)

Finally, we will begin to build the foundations for teaching your dogs to walk on a loose leash and as well as the Sit and Down commands.

This class is appropriate for new to you dogs as well as new puppies.

Please bring proof of payment and vaccines to your first class.