Quality Dog Daycare

Free First Day of Play

Come play! Call today and get your pet’s first day free.

Reservation required. Free First Day of Play subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other offers.
Daycare discount applies to first-time daycare customers only.

Come Join the Fun!

No bones about it – every day is a blast at Ruff Day Resort! Drop off your pup for a day of fun, exercise, and socialization in our massive daycare facility. Between 6,000 square feet of grassy play space and our climate-controlled indoor play area, dog daycare is always a great time!

Daycare starts at only $29.95 per day.

Why Do Pet Parents Choose Ruff Day Resort for Dog Daycare?

Cat and Dog laying down next to one another
Ruff Day Resort knows that you can’t trust your dog to just any old dog sitter. After more than a decade in business, we’ve established our reputation for delivering a great doggy daycare experience for our four-legged friends every time their parents need to be away for the day.

  • Massive play areas both indoors and out
  • Fun play equipment including sprinklers and splash pools in the summer
  • Tiny Town – a special play area for small dogs!
  • Personal play options available
  • 100% supervision from highly trained professionals
  • Climate-controlled accommodations for rest breaks
  • Fully secure facility and play yards

Benefits of Dog Daycare

Cat and Dog laying down next to one another

While daycare is a TON of fun for your dog, there are lots of other benefits, too. Here’s why more and more pet parents are utilizing daycare to enrich their dogs’ lives:

Daycare provides a safe and supervised environment for dogs to fulfill their natural desire to socialize with other dogs. Playing together with their own “pack” provides important stimulation and meets the instinctual needs of many dogs.

Exercise is as important to dogs as it is to humans. When they’re here, the dogs are unleashed to run and play to their hearts’ content. There’s plenty of room for them to run, explore, and spend their built-up energy. Well-exercised dogs are not only mentally happier, they’re less likely to experience weight, heart, and joint problems.

When dogs are home alone all day, they can get bored—so they’ll entertain themselves in their own ways. Whether it’s digging holes in the backyard, chewing your belongings, or howling all day, dogs will find a way to use their pent-up energy. Daycare gives dogs a healthy and safe place to stay engaged and entertained while you’re busy or away.

Why is Dog Daycare Better than a Pet Sitter?

Dog daycare at a professional pet care facility brings benefits a pet sitter can’t provide.

  • Professional supervision – Instead of relying on a single person, professional dog daycare is operated by a team of highly trained professionals. Ruff Day Resort is a safe, secure, and accountable place to trust with the care of your pets.
  • Social opportunities – Instead of staying in the home or just going for a quick walk, dog daycare gives pets a place to exercise their social skills and make new doggie (and human) friends.
  • Safety – Every dog who joins our daycare is carefully observed to ensure their comfort and safety, so you can rest assured your pup is playing only with friendly, vaccinated dogs. With complete supervision in a dedicated facility, dog daycare is the best place for dogs to play together.
  • No strangers in your home! Simply drop off your dog at our resort and we’ll take care of the rest. No need to hand over the keys to your house.
Cat and Dog laying down next to one another

Dog Daycare FAQ

What vaccinations are required for daycare?
To keep our daycare guests safe and healthy, we require vaccinations for rabies (if 16 weeks of age or older), distemper combo, Bordetella, and a negative fecal exam. We also highly recommend the canine influenza vaccinations.
Do you require reservations for daycare?
Your dog’s safety is most important to us. We maintain the best level of staffing every day, keeping our group sizes down and supervision top notch. Therefore, we do require reservations so we can plan accordingly.
Can I come in for a tour?
Yes, we’d love for you to see our resort. Please visit us during our operating hours to go on a guided tour with a knowledgeable staff member.
Do you require a trial evaluation?
We keep our daycare program as safe as possible by ensuring our guests are comfortable with a social play environment. Your dog’s first day is an “introduction day,” free of charge, where we get to observe your pet’s preferred play styles and determine if they’re a good fit for the group. If your pup seems to prefer playing with the staff, we have a personal play program just for dogs like him/her.
My dog doesn’t like to play with other dogs, would they still enjoy daycare?

We appreciate that some dogs would rather play with people than with the “pack.” Our personal play program includes one-on-one playtime with a staff member so your pup can have tons of fun doing whatever they like most. They’ll enjoy all the fun of our play yards, pools, playground and toys while soaking up the undivided attention of a caregiver.

When can I drop off and pick up my pet?

You can drop off or pick up any time during our daycare hours. We’re open for daycare:

Mon – Fri
Drop off 7am – 10am
Pick up 3pm – 6:30pm

Drop off 8am – 10am
Pick up 3pm – 5pm

Sunday Daycare by appointment only